HTC’s new One M9, Should you upgrade?

HTC’s new One M9, Should you upgrade?

Face it, when each company unveils their newest addition to the smartphone line-up, they usually don’t shock too many people these days. This was especially true with the HTC One (M9), or as I like to call it, HTC One (M8 v2.0). Let’s take a closer look, shall we.htcSo, the camera is a little better, on paper. The phone weighs 3g less. The UI had an update, which could have consisted of a simple icon change. The Snapdragon 810 is a cute update, along with the extra 1gb of ram and additional battery power never hurts. But when you take a look at this new phone of 2015, do you see anything about it that defies technology or stands out as a major upgrade?

Yes, this could be just an intermediate device to keep the press releases going throughout the year in hopes of changing their smartphone in the future, however, I think this is an unlikely tactic. It is true, many companies have adopted the minimal updates to their smartphones to increase likability and keep with the product that most people love, but when the new phone has the same housing, and 90% of the same specifications, I call BS.

My initial thoughts were HTC is losing its focus on the advances in the world of tech. After further discussion and a chance to hold the new HTC One (M9), I gotta say, this is ridiculous. Why HTC? Why would you even have a new phone? I can only imagine the M10 will, besides the ridiculous name, hold 80% of the same specs as the M8 and hey, maybe it’ll be 153g.
In conclusion, I can’t in my right mind advise anyone to upgrade their M8, unless you are considering switching to a Galaxy or something with a little more klout in the tech world. 

Anthony Esposito

Content Creator