Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies For 2015

Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies For 2015

From horror to comedy, moviegoing has been a favorite pastime for many people since the first motion picture back in 1889. These are the top ten highest grossing movies of 2015 from top to bottom.

10. Spectre

MoviesThis new addition to the James Bond, 007 Series, gives fans everywhere an exciting mission to get into. With a new and exciting storyline this movie brought in just over 190 Million dollars.

9. Cinderella

moviesA movie taken straight out of the hearts of many, Cinderella is a remake explaining the life of a girl who is living with her evil step-mothers. There is no surprise here that another remake would make this top 10 list, bringing in just over 200 Million dollars.

8. The Martian

moviesFor the people who love space travel, this was a great movie to explore the possibilities of the final frontier. A movie dedicated to a man stranded in space (Matt Damon), this adventurous film explores what would happen when a man is stranded and pronounced dead in space. The Martian, was a nail biting adventure that brought in over 220 Million dollars.

7. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

MoviesThis novel based movie, which is a three part series was exciting for many to see. The book was a hit and so was each film, however, what you probably didn’t know, was that the Hunger Games Series was one of the highest grossing movies of all time, bringing in over 2.9 Billion dollars in box offices worldwide. And it is no surprise to hear that the third edition to the series brought in over 280 Million dollars alone.

6. Minions

moviesAnother film geared toward the family friendly side of movie going was, Minions. This spinoff movie from, Monsters, Inc. was a great addition to the minion fans across the globe. With a creative new story line, the Minions movie brought in over 300 million dollars last year.

5. Furious 7

moviesAnother action packed movie with fast cars and lots of money, this good vs evil flick had many people expecting it’s release. Especially after hearing about how the beloved, Paul Walker would no longer be involved after his tragic death back in 2013. It brings me joy to tell you that his last role as, Brian O’Conner took in just over 350 Million dollars.

4. Inside Out

moviesThis family friendly film featuring, Lewis Black, Amy Poehler, and Bill Hader, won the hearts of children as well as their parents. A story about life and emotions, Inside Out gave a great perception of what life can be like when experiencing different feelings and how one girl had to deal with them. Inside Out is number four on our list, grossing over 355 Million dollars.

3. Avengers : Age of Ultron

MoviesComic fans everywhere were delighted when this new action packed movie, featuring the famous Avengers, hit the box office in 2015, earning over 450 Million dollars.

2. Jurassic World

MoviesThis new edition has enabled new and old fans alike to take in the glory of 2015’s cinematic CGI. With a new storyline, Jurassic World has brought the dinosaurs to life in this top grossing movie which earned over 600 Million dollars.

1. Star Wars: EpisodeVII

star-wars-episode-7Nearly every person in the US has seen or heard of Star Wars and last year, 2015, the newest Episode to start a new trilogy grossed over 800 million dollars, which is the highest grossing movie of all time!

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