Apple vs Android – Which Is Better?

Apple vs Android – Which Is Better?

I recently rekindled my love affair with Android and found what was once a complete massive heart attack for most G1 users in the past is now a long forgotten dream. Like many, I used to love Apple, I remember thinking, “The design of the iPod Touch is incredible!” Thin, fast, held most of my music I enjoyed from time to time and in all honesty, the experience only enhanced as I moved forward in my march against the Droid. Now, we have all heard the controversy comparing Apples and Droids, right? Well today, I would like to step back and find the truth about which is better, of course in my own opinion.

This story starts with a Sansa MP3 player, had about 8 GB of internal storage and yes, this was before Apple’s black hole sucked millions more users down into its abyss. This was not a “Smart” device and quite frankly I loved it. I soon found that I would trade this device in and upgrade to my first iPod Touch, with double the storage, a touch screen, oh man was I happy! In the recently coming years, I found Google would be partnering with HTC to bring us the first ever Android device offered on T-Mobile. I was shocked and found myself standing third in a line of tech geeks on the day Android would be officially released.

As the days went on, I used my G1 to download apps, visit websites and much more, after all, this was my first Smartphone ever! I was incredibly happy with the results. That is, until the day I noticed my device slowing down. I felt like this phone was completely amazing in theoretical possibilities and flawed in more ways than just software. Sure, it was no iPhone, which had been sold by the millions across the world, but I had no real clue of having an iPhone.

As time went on, so did my G1, I ended up selling the device to a stranger on craigslist and I remember telling them, “I loved that phone, there is just too much maintenance, almost like Windows.” You had to kill tasks, have virus control and hell, the G1 running Android 1.0 was a horrid smartphone experience. At this point in my life, I was torn between what Android could be, and what iOS was. I decided to enter the dark-side.

There I was, staring in awe of my new found happiness with my first Apple iPhone 4. I was overwhelmed with excitement, began telling everyone I knew and in some ways, I felt like I was part of the Apple users community, for now, I could iMessage!

Time went on, I had the experience, iPhone, iPad and the Macbook Pro. They were all part of my everyday life, then iPhone 6 Plus came. After I upgraded, I felt like this was a phone I could be happy with, that is, until I felt like iOS was lacking some much needed debugging from their latest software. Please, do not understand me wrong, I love iPhone, and would continue to use it today if it were not for Google being so advanced in their smartphone technology.

For about a month now, I have been using Google’s Nexus 6P, made in partnership with Huawei, and this phone has been outstanding. The increasing popularity of Android over the years has spread the smartphone market to parts of the world that would otherwise still be saving for an expensive iPhone running buggy software. Given the past experiences I have had with each software, the tables have surely turned. What was once a massive example of the best smartphone experience brought to us by Apple, is now just another example of how their technology has came to a halt being surpassed by the massive amounts of Droids on the market. Then again, you can always take your chances with Microsoft. 

Anthony Esposito

Content Creator