10 Most Outrageous Domains on the Web

10 Most Outrageous Domains on the Web

Recently, I went on a journey to obtain a new domain for a site on the web and in my search, I noticed some outrageous domains available. This got me thinking about what a vast majority of domains are available and what amount of domains must be taken, doing absolutely nothing for the webspace. Here is what I found:

10.Outrageous Domains


Yes, you may have noticed, this website is the English Alphabet repeated two and a half times and what does the domain lead to? Nothing helpful, that’s for sure! This outrageous domains is a site dedicated to email. So if you have had enough with Gmail or Yahoo, maybe it’s time you switched to:






Outrageous Domainswww.procatinator.com

Are you in a jam with work to be done. Do you feel a bit like you have to spend some time doing nothing before you can get back to whatever it was you didn’t want to be doing in the first place? For all of you procrastinators out there, this one’s for you. No you didn’t read the domain wrong, proCATinator. This site is truly a worthless site, due to the fact that it pulls cat videos straight from YouTube. The only upside is that you can skip through videos without the use of stumbling across a video which is actually useful to your IQ.


Outrageous Domainswww.pointerpointer.com

Lose something? Maybe it was your cursor? Take a look at this website that will help you locate your ‘pointer’ by pointing out where it is on your screen. This site is truly one of the most useless sites I have seen.



OMG LASER GUNS PEW PEW PEW. . .I think the name says it all.


outrageous websiteswww.fallingfalling.com

Do you wanna feel like you may have stumbled across some internet psychedelic funk? Well, check out the never ending amount of funky colors that just seem to keep on falling. Open your eyes to a never ending wave of color.


hey hoowww.heeeeeeeey.comwww.hooooooooo.com

After you have check out of rehab from your psychedelic state of mind, turn up your volume and let Naughty By Nature sweep you off your feet for a never ending redirect.


outrageous domainswww.rrrgggbbb.com

Did you know, that all colors on the web are formed by three? They are Red, Green, and Blue. Check out this website to increase your knowledge of RGB, and possibly have a seizure along the way.


www.partridgegetslucky.comoutrageous domains

Don’t worry, no one is getting ‘Lucky’ at this domain. This family friendly website is sure to get you dancing and feeling lucky yourself.


outrageous domainswww.willthefuturebeaweso.me

Thanks to the new domains like .me we have this awesome fortune to answer one of life’s longest asked questions, will the future be awesome? For creativity in the name, I decided this would be my runner up choice. But this made me question, why not .com? well. . . it’s not there. and quite frankly, this .me domain shouldn’t be wasting space either.


outrageous domainswww.theuselessweb.com

Last, and top on my list of outrageous domains, I give you the useless web. This is probably the mother of all uselessness. Giving people like myself, hours of lazy clicking. I don’t know about you, but I really doubt this site should be allowed to exist. I mean, it is simply allowing people to do nothing with their lives. Oh, what shame. Go check it out.

Anthony Esposito

Content Creator