How Ancient Tech Shaped The World

How Ancient Tech Shaped The World

The Thought

Given today’s social media outbreak, there is one action you can guarantee exists. Thought, or the conscious mind. For us today, it is most often words. Words made of letters making statements, questions and answers. The thought has evolved over time and has led us to live in a wonderful era.

The Science

Science is not only chemistry. In fact, science comes in many different forms such as, math, botany and curiosity, to name a few. The evolution of science has led to many great inventions, theories and even the ability to fling rockets into space. Science has led to winning war with not just chemicals but with the use of swords as well. Way back in the medieval era, alchemist such as, Nicolas Flamel, started a journey of mixing chemical composites together in search for the perfect mixture of elements. Now, we have the wonderful world of chemistry and even though alchemy was once thought to be taboo, chemistry has soared to new heights and has given us electricity.

The Gear

No I am not talking about what’s in my bag or what I use to record videos. I’m referring to the old toothed gear believed to have been first theorized by ancient Chinese and further developed overtime by the Greeks and Hero of Alexandria. The Gear has led us to machinery and even the ability to drive cars. Gears have given us the ability to speed up, increase force and change direction.

The Clock

Another important ancient tech was the clock. The pendulum clock used gears, kinetic energy and potential energy to track time. This invention has led us to be able to travel by sea and be able to tell the time of day without having a sundial. The clock has also given railroad travelers the ability to rely on a time of arrival and departure, just to name a few. Can you imagine a life without the ability to track time without the sundial? I think I would hate it.

The Pyramid

Next on my list of Ancient tech was the pyramid. The pyramid, first thought of by Egyptians, or aliens, depending on what you choose to believe, gave the Greeks the ability to theorize math in a new language called trigonometry. Trigonometry has given us the life we live today. Without the masterminds of the ancient Egyptians, we might not even have computers today.

The Computer

Which brings me to the greatest invention of all time, the computer. The computer has allowed us to explore new days and new adventures from space travel to math calculations. The computer has given us the ability to live in such an advanced era would otherwise be what we refer to as the dark ages. Of course electricity is the main component of computers, I feel at some point in the future, we will be able to run these electronic components entirely off of solar power giving us the freedom to enhance our daily lives and moving into a direction I can only imagine at this point in my life.

Anthony Esposito

Content Creator