Custom Made Cosmetics?!

Custom Made Cosmetics?!

No, I do not wear makeup, nor have I ever thought about having custom makeup made for my type of skin. However, I do love the idea of this kind of Tech. Trust me, I don’t know the first thing about makeup. So why am I even writing this? Well, because I love Tech and these custom made cosmetics seem pretty cool!

Face it, our faces are different, from our skin complexity to facial features. Because of this, there are a few startups out there enhancing the ability for each person to feel more comfortable in their own skin, with the help of Technology, of course. Facial tones have had special professional cosmeticians customizing tones of foundation, liner and lipstick to match a persons natural beauty for decades. Nowadays there are probably millions of different colors to match the billions of different facial tones. Unlike before, you can become your own pro cosmetician by mixing tones to create something to match you personally, all through an app.

Meet the Iman App by Iman Cosmetics.imaniThis new app allows the craziest colors to be mixed and matched exactly for you in 4 easy steps.

  1. Create a Login
  2. Choose/Upload a Photo
  3. Adjust your facial tones with the app.
  4. Locate the correct tone for YOU!

No more artistic measures have to be taken to find the right color for your skin. Simply let the app fine tune your exact color and match it with Iman’s line of Cosmetics. Not only will you find your tone, you can have it shipped directly to your door and you have to admit, trying to find that perfect tone can’t be all that easy in a store where you have hundred of different colors. Although I haven’t tried this service in the past, I have heard great reviews from women around me. So why search the store for 1 in 100 when your 1 in a billion. Get the app and treat your skin to something more personal.

John Noret


John Noret is a Las Vegas transplant from Anchorage AK. He has been involved heavily with the Consumer Electronics industry for over 8 years and continues to be involved as a life long passion.