5 Ways to Spend $50 at BestBuy

5 Ways to Spend $50 at BestBuy
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5 Ways to Spend $50 at BestBuy

5 Ways to Spend $50 at BestBuy

5 Ways to Spend $50 at BestBuy

5 Ways to Spend $50 at BestBuy

5 Ways to Spend $50 at BestBuy

5 Ways to Spend $50 at BestBuy

When it comes to Best Buy, I rarely shop. I mainly use the store to look at new products to buy online. With that said, there are some items I would recommend buying in store because, well, they’re under $50 bucks and they’re not much less expensive if you include the cost of shipping for online.

From Audio to Health, this is 5 ways to spend $50 at Best Buy.

Kenwood -Road Series 6-½” 2-Way Car Speakers with Paper Woofer cones.

You may be in the market for new audio for your old POS, well, these will probably do just fine, that is, if you’re not an audio Buff. Chances are the common person would likes good sound is going to find these speakers great. Right now, they are on sale for $31.99. Not bad, eh?

JBL – Clip+ Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Maybe your car audio is working just fine, well in that case, spice up your life with a little bit of style. This JBL Speaker is great for carrying around. It features a clip that will hold securely to a backpack, belt, or whatever it is you can clip it to. Best part of all, their are 8 different colors to choose from, so you don’t have to worry about something not matching. This speaker comes in second for $49.99 right now.

SanDisk -SSD Plus 120 GB Internal Serial ATA

At some point in your life, you’re probably going to run out of storage or simply decide to boost your storage. That is why I recommend going with the 120GB SSD, This drive is known to be safe and reliable and right now it is on sale, $30 off, for $44.99 as of today.

Spigen – Tough Armor TECH Case for Apple iPhone 6/6Plus

This metallic case will surely hold up to your most highest drops. Not only does it protect your phone, it looks stylish as well. The case is 0.6 inches thick and will not add too much bulk to your phone. Also, Spigen makes two flavors, Metal Slate and Gunmetal, so you know you’ll be in style. This case is being sold, on sale, for $26.99 right now.

iHealth -Align BG1 Glucose Monitor

More recently than ever, people are being diagnosed with diabetes. This new Glucose monitor by iHealth is truly amazing. Plug it into your phone’s headphone jack, prick your finger, and test the blood through your phone! You might also be surprised to find out that this on the go Glucose Monitor is selling for only $16.99. But wait! There’s more, not only will you get the monitor, buy for only $12.99, you’ll get 50 test strips! If you know anything about diabetes, you will know, this is a deal you probably shouldn’t pass up.

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