Best Internet Memes Of All Time?!

Best Internet Memes Of All Time?!

The Meme has been around for decades now, ever since Richard Dawkins coined the term back in 1976. With the help of Internet and personal inspiration, the world has come to know meme as a funny, or picture perfect, way to express one’s feelings towards a statement, or what we most commonly refer to now as, a post. With a little help from everyone, a simple meme can turn a generation of internet users onto a whole new feeling of remorse, grief, or humiliation. Over the course of the last 20 or so years, the meme has been growing in popularity and is now even in Facebook Messaging, and many other forums. But what is the most famous meme of all time?Best Internet Memes


Best Internet MemesComing in last place, I have to give to the person who created this “unspirational quote”. If you still haven’t heard, Rebecca Black is most famous for being made fun of. Yes, she is such a famous person that people like her for the sole fact that they can humiliate her. Wow, I’d hate to be her. A few years back, she and her father wrote and produced a song with a music video on YouTube called Friday. The song did so poorly, that it has over 90 million views, of which 90% of them are probably people who are simply watching to laugh.


Best Internet MemesAhh yes, The Neon Cat. I can’t really express how amazing this cat is. This may not be a meme of sorts but it is definitely number four on my list of top meme for it’s sheer popularity.


Best Internet MemesMany of you may have heard the phrase Deal With it. Said to be initially coined by an online comic strip, referring to the flatulence of one person’s anus in another person’s face. The Deal with it slogan has become so popular, that you can even buy these cool sunglasses online.


vComing in as the first runner-up is the Gif made to express one’s lack of ability to care about what someone has said, or trolled on their post, “Hater’s Gonna Hate”. This phrase has become more increasingly popular over the years and it’s almost as if the more hate, or trolling posts, there are on the web, the more people who stop giving a damn about what other people think.


Best Internet MemesThe Last but definitely number one Meme of all time is the troll. The troll is probably the single most famous meme of all time and will be around for years to come. This meme was said to have been created in MS Paint years back to post in a forum and express one’s actions of giving crap to the initial question. Basically, the Troll is what we now refer to as haters.


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