The Best Free App – Beginner Chefs

The Best Free App – Beginner Chefs

I can’t explain my fascination for cooking, mainly because, I don’t have one. I would much rather pay someone to prepare my food, than the hassle of preparation, cooking, and cleaning up afterwards. I’m American, I like my food like I like my cars, fast and red hot which is why I set out to find an app that would be best suitable for a beginner chef like myself.

Give me credit though, I do cook from time to time and recently decided to go on a cooking frenzy. A month of cooking food.

I decided I should plan this out as to not get caught up in being hungry and having the convenience of drive thru. Not only do I want to stay full, I want to eat good also. I don’t have too many recipes in my head that don’t involve noodles of some kind so I decided I needed some help. This is why I have set out to find the Best recipe app to help me for the job.

Coming in Last place, I present to you, ChefTap App:

ChefTap is a nice app. ChefTap plays well with others by importing recipes from Pinterest or AllRecipes in just 3 easy taps. But ChefTap has a problem. ChefTap’s set up is way too long. Let me explain, when I download an app, I expect to open said app and start using within moments of downloading. When ChefTap is downloaded, you first need to accept terms and agreements. Wait, what, for recipes? With that said, you can skip the signing process, and the app does what it says, just not the best one for the job.
So my search goes on. Coming in weighing 9.62 MB, we have, The Food Network’s App.
The Food Network has been around for some time and for some, it’s a go to source for recipes and ideas. They back up their app with videos on Food Network Chef’s to give you an idea of how to cook each meal, as well as, give great detailed recipes. The user interface was a it crowded and I felt like there was too much going on, however.

As for this next App, Yummly:

I gotta say, the app is nice, not too much clutter, scroll through recipes with a Facebook style newsfeed. Select and save recipes and after 5 likes, you’ll receive personal recommendations tailored for your taste and diet preference. Yummly, provides ingredients in a grocery list for easy shopping and you don’t need an account, however one is preferred for all features.

And now, I give to you, the first place, The Dinner Spinner App by, AllRecipes.

This is more than a recipe app, it is a convenient way to filter recipes based on whether its an appetizer, or the main dish, what kind meat, if any, and even the cook time. The Dinner Spinner is also equipped with a grocery list of your items and has a nice easy to use interface.

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