Kia Optima Review – 7 Years Later

Kia Optima Review – 7 Years Later

I love Kia

Long ago, when I was a younger version of the man-child I am today, I signed away for ownership of a brand new KIA. The clean, spacious interior with comfortable seating, and a big enough trunk for sure.
You see, this was my very first car, and although, we have had some rough times, I must say, she has given me nothing but pleasure. The same pleasure as waking up every morning, knowing I will have a perfectly good working car. But I want to get into the nit and gritty of the ’08 Optima so I’ve broken it down for you.

The Exterior –

Ruby Red. That’s the name of Lucy’s color. (Lucy is my car.) I never felt anything special about my car, such as rims or special wax coats and I think an old boss had it right when he told me, “Just paint it every 5 years. That way you can change the color or at the least, have a nice looking ride”

The Interior –

My interior is light grey fabric, dark grey and black plastic and has held together nicely. The Cruise Control feature on the steering wheel has often given me issues when attempting to engage and set the initial speed. At first, I was thinking this might be an issue with my cruise control in my car but turned out to be an even bigger issue. The car was under the impression my breaks were on. The pedal was stuck pushed down a hair and I had to loosen the bolt behind the pedal. This also ensures the break lights are out when you leave the car. At first I was upset with this finding, but I found direction knowing it was a common issue amongst cars in general.
As for the rest of the interior, the top of the car dash has obtained two cracks in the past. The first time was blamed on Mother’s Protectant – A useful interior spray cleaner. Thankfully, this was under my warranty and did not cost a dime. At this point, I figured I should stay away from any interior cleansers and just use water to clean everything. Turned out the chemicals did not matter, a few summers later, another crack came. At this point, it’s character and proof of the summer heat in Arizona.

The Engine –

I hate to say this, and I’m knocking on wood as I do, the engine has been great! I am a believer in how you treat a car is what you will get out of it. Right now I’m just over 110,000 miles at 7 years old and I am able to connect A to B. Here’s to another 7!

The Gas –

It’s alright, from day one, I’ve averaged about 350 miles (full) to empty. Usually, this would be amazing, if only for the gas tank. Unfortunately, upon purchasing this vehicle, I only looked at everything through the eyes of an irresponsible teenager and ended up missing the oversized gas tank which allows for such a MPG. I usually spend anywhere from $30 – $60 in filling the tank, which is about 16 Gallons, depending on the price of gas. For me, this has worked out to filling up the tank about once a week.

Overall, she has been a simple car with simple requirements and has given me tons of fun and adventures. The faults are simple and are nothing out of the ordinary for my living conditions. I have driven across states, as well as the country and she has held up great. For anyone considering purchasing a Kia, I would highly recommend the Optima. Although, I would go with a brand new model.

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Anthony Esposito

Content Creator