How To Pair Food With Drinks

How To Pair Food With Drinks

Finding the right beverage can be hard at times and most certainly is not a task wine enthusiasts take lightly. You may have heard certain wine, or beer, tastes better when paired with specific foods. Not only do those beverages taste better, they are said to bring out more flavor in your food also. For centuries, people around the world have perfected these flavors and studied their companions. Now is the time to take advantage of what we have learned as a whole and enjoy the flavors of well paired meals. So if you are planning on trying out pairings for yourself, take a look at my recommendations below.


  • DRY WHITE- (Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio)
    Pair With: Vegetables, Fish
  • SWEET WHITE- (Moscato, Riesling)
    Pair With: Cheese, Cured Meat, Sweets
  • RICH WHITE- (Chardonnay, Roussanne)
    Pair With: Cheese, Grains, Fish, White Meat
  • SPARKLING- (Champagne, Prosecco)
    Pair With: Cheese, Vegetables, Grains, Fish


  • LIGHT RED- (Pinot Noir, Zweigelt)
    Pair With: Roasted Vegetables, Fish, White Meat, Cured Meat
  • MEDIUM RED- (Zinfandel, Merlot)
    Pair With: Roasted Vegetables, Cheese, White Meat, Red meat, Cured Meat
  • BOLD RED- (Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec)
    Pair With: Cheese, Grains, Red Meat, Cured Meat
  • DESSERT WINE- (Port, Sherry)
    Pair With: Cured Meat, Cheese, Sweets

Like wine, there are many different varieties of beers to pair with food. From fruity and sweet to dark and bitter, there many different combinations of pairings to choose from. Try a few of these recommendations.


  • ALE-
    Pair With: Red Meat, White Meat, Cheese, Nuts
    Pair With: Cheeses, White Meat, Red Meat,
    Pair With: Cheese, White Meat, Red Meat, Salad, Fruit, Fish
  • LAGER-
    Pair With: Fish, Red Meat, White Meat, Grains
    Pair With: Cheese, Salad, Fish, Vegetables
    Pair With: Red Meat, White Meat, Vegetables
  • STOUT-
    Pair With: Roasted Vegetables, Red Meats, White Meats, Sweets
    Pair With: Vegetables, Cheese, Fruits, Salad, Sweets

Lastly, remember, when it comes to parings, it is all about your taste buds. Do you enjoy what you are tasting or does it not taste good at all? When all’s said and done, the choice is yours.

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John Noret


John Noret is a Las Vegas transplant from Anchorage AK. He has been involved heavily with the Consumer Electronics industry for over 8 years and continues to be involved as a life long passion.