5 Free Apps You Need This Week – Photography

5 Free Apps You Need This Week – Photography

Capturing a moment in time has been an obsession of many for generations. Before iPhones and Androids, we had Kodaks and Polaroids – we had to snap a picture and wait for development. Now, we have the convenient pleasure of having a new technology, giving life to the digital age. This is the age of applications. With applications, we have been able to transform the way we take photos every day, from simple engineering to complex coding. The process of photography might have changed but the curiosity and love has never been more vibrant, giving birth to advancements in photography and the ability for each and every one of us to capture and share photos like never before. Unfortunately, sometimes the application we have for taking high quality photos or videos lacks some intelligent UI. So if you have one of the phones with a less than perfect camera application, try these five free apps you need this week for photography.


vizmato photo apps

Paving a new way for automatic editing is, Vizmato. With Vizmato, you are able to take videos with your phone and automatically add visual and audio effects to those videos in seconds with their themes like Hip-Hop and more. Make an account and you are able to share those videos with your friends as well as, with the built in Vizmato feed from other users. Download Vizmato for iOS today!

HD Camera:

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.30.40 AMIf you’re running android, you might have a phone with a camera app that just doesn’t suite your needs. You may be looking for something more in your life than just a snap. Take your camera to the next level with, HD Camera for android. Add a grid with a level or a timer with an interval. HD Camera has a great User interface which allows for a great experience. Did I mention you can scan barcodes with the app too?


Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.38.48 AMSocial sharing has never been more prominent than it is today. From snapping a private photo or video to capturing a new viral vine, social sharing is now the way to go. Picsart helps with this by allowing you to create an account and edit photos like no other. Add effects, make collages, draw and more with Picsart.


Airbrush Photo AppLooking to step up your Selfie game? Try AirBrush. With AirBrush you are able to reduce those blemishes and take the perfect selfie. With AirBrush you can whiten those coffee stains on your teeth, resize and reshape your face, or features, smoothen, brighten, blur and skin tone and more. Did I mention filters? Download AirBrush and step up your selfie game today!


inshot photo appLast, and certainly not least, InShot for iOS and Android. InSot is a great way to edit your photos and videos. With the ability to add text, backgrounds, filters and more You can be sure to find everything you need to edit your photo or video. You can download InShot today at the links below:
InShot Inc. – Android Apps on Google Play
Video Editor No Crop, Music, Cut on the App Store – iTunes

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