KIA OPTIMA A1A Roadster Concept

KIA OPTIMA A1A Roadster Concept

Welcome to a whole new world of automobiles.

Thanks to the vast amount of car manufacturers and their buyers, we live in a wonderful world of Tesla’s and even rumors of an Apple Car. But fantasies aside, let’s take a look at something a little more suitable for the everyday driver. Of course I am referring to, Kia Motors. I have been a fan of Kia Motors for, well, ever since I bought my very own, 2008 Kia Optima. A short year after I purchased my optima, Kia decided to change the body and style of the Kia Optima, making it more desirable than ever!

I would like to Introduce to you the Kia Optima A1A Convertible Concept. First introduced back in 2015, the Kia Optima A1A is a custom roadster designed by kia and given the name, A1A, after The Florida A1A Highway. I can only imagine what driving this car feels like while driving.

The convertible is sleek in design and gives of one of the coolest, calmest, vibes, from any car I have ever had the pleasure of looking at. 10828-a1a-optima-1When looking at this amazing car, you will notice there are a couple big changes. First of, the top is OFF! Kia decided they would take the top off in hope of exploring an imaginative design and show the possibilities and maybe, what could be in the future.Suicide DoorsThe second big change is the ‘Suicide Doors’. Kia decided to open up the interior of the car, by having the hinges on the rear side of the rear doors and my oh my, is it gorgeous!

The Optima A1A roadster was built upon the body and designs of the 2015 Kia Optima, and since then, people from all over the country have been able to witness the concept for themselves at numerous auto shows.

I sure am glad that kia has decided to step up their game and bring a new design to the market. I personally believe there are not enough convertible designs and knowing that Kia has considered this is a step in the direction of my new car.

Anthony Esposito

Content Creator