Clinton’s Plan – Revealed!

Clinton’s Plan – Revealed!

Hillary Clinton is pushing her way into the white house, and with only a few months left, her team has decided to take on a new kind of agenda.

Let’s Face it, if you are electing, Hillary Clinton, you’re effectively electing, Bill Clinton for, dare I say, an opinionated 4 year term. Now, all political ideology aside, I like Bill, if not for policies, for his charismatic charm. I am sure some may think slightly less of him, however, I do not take the charm to be a misfortune. With Hillary, I see a strong-willed woman, who can actually have a shot in winning a United States Presidency. Shocking as it may be to some, I feel, her reign over our country will, most-likely, not end in tyranny, rather, just another presidential election 4 years from now.

With the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton, you have businesses, small and large, start-ups and failures all coming together to help communities, or so it appears.

In case you were not aware, Hillary Clinton has an agenda to inspire new entrepreneurs on a journey to success. With her ideology, students who have outstanding loans from their college years, would be able to take advantage of a new law which is said to forgive school loans of those individuals of whom which start a new business in a distressed community. With this theory, I can only imagine more people taking it upon themselves to create their own “start-up” and find their school loans to be forgiven.

It is said, this is a huge “core component” of the jobs she plans to help create and will be starting this within the first 100 days of office. If passed, the new bill would entitle those individuals to receive up to 3 years of loan forbearance, and up to $17,500 forgiven in school loans, after five years of payments.

Now consider this, after 4 years, the average student is left with $28,000 in student loan debt and are going to have around 5% interest. After 3 years of forbearance, and five years of payments, they’re likely to accrue 7,000 of pure interest. So take it or leave it, Hillary wants “start-up’s” to continue.

Another way Hillary Clinton is going to make new grounds is her plan to bring Internet to every home in America and all I can say is, “Finally, Someone who understands the power of the web.” Now, with “Big-Brother” aside, Hillary plans to have this rolling out by the year, 2020 and will also be, “Engaging the private sector” for 50,000 new computer science teacher recruits.

There is no question of the ability the government has to help establish a great tech community throughout the country and I see no reason for why more technology is bad thing. If anything we should already have internet in every home. As for immigration, Hillary plans to help immigrants who want to come to America, come to America. In fact, she apparently has claims to support visas for the educated, foreigners who have Masters, or PhDs from accredited universities.

Lastly, I want to stress, this is not a dedicated story to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, but rather, the amazing advances she has planned for technology. Say what you will, but I don’t see Donald Trump talking about autonomous cars.
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Anthony Esposito

Content Creator