Panasonic’s tech inside of the Chrysler Portal is simply amazing

Autonomous vehicles, futuristic passenger cabins, facial recognition… These are a few of the things we can look forward to when it comes to automotive technology. Recently, I had a chance to check out all of Panasonic’s auto tech in one place during CES 2017 and there’s a lot to pay attention to. But with all of this tech coming out in the future, one of my favorite discoveries was definitely the Chrysler Portal…

Panasonic and Chrysler worked together on this amazing future concept cabin, but the good news is that it’s built on technology that actually exists today. The Portal is decked out with technology that really gives you a sense of living in the future.

Approaching the car will trigger the facial recognition cameras and identify each user that’s present in the vehicle. From there, your favorite music, preferences, and other preferred customizations will be loaded to give you a real sense of personalization during your driving experience. Once you’re seated, the High-Mount display is the main source of navigating all of the tech inside. This display will show driver and passenger content, spacial awareness information, and more. The information here will provide stats on not only what’s happening within the vehicle, but outside of it as well, which is pretty amazing.

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 2.27.02 PM

When it comes to enhancing the driving experience, look no further than Personal Zoned Audio. This amazing technology creates an acoustical bubble around each person in the car. What does that mean for you? Well, this will allow for personal listening zones contained within each seat allowing each person to jam out to their favorite tunes without disturbing others.

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The Chrysler Portal also allows for home automation control. If you’re a fan of smart home setups, Panasonic’s integrated technology makes it easier than ever to control things whether you’re on the way home or heading out for the night. On the center stack in the Portal, there’s a very awesome “Home” section, which puts all of your smart home devices in one place, right at your finger tips. Everything from adjusting the temperature to door locks, and climate control is all possible from the Portal.

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 2.32.32 PM

Seeing all of this technology within a vehicle is truly amazing. The Chysler Portal is truly something ripped from the future. The amazing part is that this is all technology which actually exists today. Everything Panasonic and Chrysler worked on implementing within the Portal is ready for the here and now. So we’re not just talking about an experience ready for 2025, but potentially one that’s ready for tomorrow. Just imagine having all of this awesome tech within an autonomous vehicle. Instead of actually driving somewhere, you’re just relaxing and enjoying the ride.

Dom Esposito


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