My iPhone 8 Wishlist – The Best iPhone!

The iPhone 8 is just around the corner and since 2007, Apple’s iPhone has made major headway in the way we view our mobile devices.


From just being able to hold a vast amount of music in the palm of your hand, to making calls and even sending 3D Touch messages to your loved ones, Apple’s iPhone 8 will be the best built iPhone yet.


iPhone 2GBack in June of 2007, Apple released their first generation iPhone, the Apple iPhone 1 (better known as the iPhone 2g). This phone was a first of its kind with the impressive specifications of 8GB of Storage and 128MB of SDRAM. A 3.5” display, with the resolution of 320×480, held a whopping pixel density of just under 165ppi, respectively. It’s main, and only, camera was a stunning 2MP rear facing shooter, and to power it all was a 1400mAh battery inside. Oh, and it featured that 3.5mm headphone jack for all your listening needs.

Since then, Apple has increased their iPhone sales while boasting about their incremental upgrades. But it’s true there have been some devices with major headway, such as, the iPhone 4s, which included Siri, on the iphone 5s we were given Touch ID, and the iPhone 6s gave us 3D Touch along with dual rear cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus.


iPhone 8

Well, if you’ve been following the rumors and leaks, Apple’s 10th year of iPhone will most likely include two models, one standard size and one ‘Plus’ size, along with a rumored third ‘premium’ iPhone 8. But while we can all expect new features in iOS 11, the new iPhone may not be a pursuable upgrade for everyone.


My list of specifications for a pursuable iPhone 8 upgrade may not be much in the realm of tech, but I feel they are necessary for keeping up with rivals.

  • First off, I’d like a 5.8” 1080 OLED display with bevels as thin as rice paper.
  • As for storage, though it’s not necessary in an iPhone, I would be extremely happy with 8GB of RAM and 512GB of Storage. Oh, and would an expandable storage SD slot be too much to ask?
  • But what about the fingerprint scanner? Yes, there have been rumors of Apple moving the home button to the back of the phone, and even some stating there will be no home button at all, but I’d like to see the home button under the display. (Yes the technology exists.)
  • For the camera, would it be too much to want a decent front facing camera that performs just as well as the rear, say 1080p and 20MP? And speaking of rear cameras, I, like Lew from Unbox Therapy, I want three. One regular camera, one wide angle and one telephoto zoom lens, all with at least 20MP.
  • The speakers on the iPhone are great, though, I’d love to see dual speakers on the front of the device this year.
  • To power it all, I wouldn’t mind apple making their phone a little bit thicker and giving me a 3,000mAh battery inside for true all day battery life.
  • And of course, waterproofing is a must have in 2017.
  • Lastly, as much as I love the design of the iPhone 7, I’d like to see a throwback design to the 1st generation iPhone 2g. Don’t give me an all glass body, I drop my phone too much! Give me metal on the sides and the back, with a jet black finish.

Now some might say I my iPhone 8 would be overkill, but isn’t that what we all want in technology?

Anthony Esposito

Content Creator