The iPhone X – Is it worth it?!

iPhone X – You decide

AF8E9017-53D7-421B-B7B9-2D6C9B484492iPhone X was released on November 3rd, 2017, and I was fortunate enough to have it in my hands on launch day. Since then, there have been a couple of iOS updates to fix some bugs, as well as, the introduction of Apple Pay for iMessage. Of course, we all know these updates are available to anyone eligible to update their iOS software, but what about the features exclusive to iPhone X?

Features like Animoji, Face ID, and that, “Super Retina HD” OLED display are nice, but are they worth the $999 price tag, that is necessary to obtain them?

Some Brief History.

To answer this, let’s think back to when Siri was first launched on the iPhone 4s and all of those people who just bought an iPhone 4, myself included, were left in the dust. This new feature was practically unheard of in the smartphone realm and to obtain Siri, you either needed to buy a newer model iPhone or Jailbreak your existing, old one – I chose the latter. After buying a 16GB, iPhone 4, I did not think it was absolutely necessary to buy a new one, less than one year later, just so I could ask Siri, “Where can I hide a dead body?” Sure the thought of having the shiny new iPhone that everyone wanted would be nice, not to mention, the upgrade to the camera, but I had to stay in reality and remember, my phone is not even a year old, why would I upgrade? I wouldn’t. But that all changed when the iPhone 5s was announced, with Touch ID and slow motion, I had to have it!

After the iPhone 5s was outdated, Apple decided to pull a no brainer, add a bigger option to the line of iPhones, the ‘Plus’ sized model. The iPhone 6 Plus was the first of its kind to feature a larger screen, and ultimately brought the Phablet to market – it was “Bigger than bigger.” But that’s just it, nothing excitingly new was happening here, sure a new camera…again, but nothing exciting to me. Even though I decided the bigger screen was worth an upgrade, it was not until the iPhone 6s Plus was released, featuring the 3D Touch display, 4K video recording and the uncharted, officially unofficial, water resistance, that I felt like the upgrade would have been worth it.

This was 7.

With all that said, let’s move forward in time to the iPhone 7, my fifth iPhone purchase. When the iPhone 7 was released, I decided that it was the right time to upgrade again. Solong to my iPhone 6 plus, here comes the brand new, iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 was faster, and was the first time in history an iPhone had capacity up to 128GB. Along with all that, the iPhone 7 also featured a new kind of Home Button, which was no button at all. Instead, the Home Button was pressure sensitive.

1D0D23E8-3A60-4232-B1B9-EE5E1674C975Along with all that, if you wanted the bigger, iPhone 7 Plus, you got Portrait Mode and a dual camera system. I didn’t care much about this, and after having an iPhone 6 Plus, I wanted to scale down in size and scale up in storage. Oh, and that new Jet Black color was gorgeous, too bad it scratched. (I got the black.)

The beautiful mind.

Nearly a year later, Apple announced their last iPhone, the iPhone 8. With a big glass design, the iPhone 8 featured a new, faster processor, wireless charging and a new camera. All these features were nice, but Apple soon announced, there would be a third iPhone to be released in 2017, the iPhone X.

Hello future.97D82FEF-FCE9-4327-8E55-02F81C4E09DE

The iPhone X is the first iPhone to be rid of the Home Button, and as previously mentioned, featured a beautiful OLED display. This iPhone is truly the future of iPhone and I just had to have it, but should you?

iPhone X

Well, I’ve asked myself this same question every day since I signed the contract for my new iPhone X, and with reason, I must say, it was worth an upgrade from the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 was a nice small display, but not too small (I really felt that this iPhone was really the best iPhone built.) I wished that there would be a pressure sensitive bar at the bottom of the screen and have had no home button at all on the ‘7s, but somehow I knew Apple would never get rid of the Home Button. They did.

645F647D-FE9D-4409-BEAE-62A3AE6E427BThere future of iPhone has no Home Button and it is a premium experience. Apple has managed to remove their iconic Home Button in search of a new, noteworthy, security feature called, Face ID and facial recognition. Technical specs aside, Face ID really has worked whenever I needed it, though I do find the password screen too often.05F260CC-3D33-417C-818D-61948B172BDE

The beautiful 4K at 60fps video is something that is rather quite unique, but the 240fps 1080p is where it’s at. If you’re shooting with both of these and only need 1080p, you can do some amazing things with video. This camera is a major upgrade and has features like no other phone. As for Animojis, Apple nailed it.2FB17626-DBD7-4199-8EE4-DBB5189BFF7C

I love these things. They’re much better! it’s like the equivalent of emoji to text and believe me, it matters. The power button has shifted up while the chin and forehead bars have gone away, giving a nice long 5.8-Inch feel to the display. Honestly, I have picked up my phone thinking it felt like a new kind of Phone. It is really like holding the future of iPhone. It is heavy in weight to from the glass, which enables the phone to use wireless charging, but really, it is not too heavy. (Though, beware if you’re going to have a thick case, it’ll get fat.) I do not mind the thickness, it’s a nice feel, but I don’t really care for the wireless charging, it provides. Wireless charging is slow and inconvenient if you don’t have an Apple Watch.

60A95B6F-084B-4DC8-9684-1E27A6EE43ACSo if you’re still asking yourself if the iPhone X is worth it, you have to remember the features that came before it, to make it what it is today. iPhone’s have never been this powerful and in my opinion, it is a major upgrade from the iPhone 7. Sure the iPhone 7 is a year behind, but that is a big deal in this case. I made the purchase and decided to stick with it – The iPhone X is champ.

And if you really cannot afford the $999, maybe think about the iPhone 8, it’s got most of the same features, but no Animoji or Face ID. You can still use the Home Button and have the same video quality. But if you’re a little like me, you know the difference is huge and it is something that just cannot be passed up. It’s a premium iPhone at a premium price and yes, those Animojis are worth every penny.

Anthony Esposito

Content Creator