VINCI – Worlds First ‘Hearable’

VINCI – Worlds First ‘Hearable’


VINCI definitely has the upper hand when it comes to headphones, but is it practical? Well, the short answer, no. But the long answer is definitely, yes!

As I mentioned, VINCI is a hearable. What does this mean? Well the makers of VINCI, have found a way to incorporate your every day music into a new stylish headset. This headset features a touch screen on one side, while the other contains a touch pad. Now the touch screen is android based software which allows you to connect directly to WiFi or enable you GSM SIM card. YES, there is a SIM card slot. This slot only works with micro SIM cards, and I would definitely love to see a nano option for CDMA carriers, maybe in the future.

Along with your internet connections, you can also sign into SoundCloud or Spotify and play music for hours. Personally, I found that SoundCloud usually only works with Pro Accounts. What this means is, you can’t listen to your friends music on SoundCloud, unless they have a premium, or Pro, account on SoundCloud. This is something I hope changes soon, as there is a lot of great music on SoundCloud which is not as popular as Eminem or Dr. Dre. I would also like to mention, you can connect to Spotiofy, however, you will need to have a paid account to listen on VINCI and in my opinion, this has to change.

Not only can you connect to the internet to hear music, you can also upload your own tracks directly to VINCI using the USB cable provided in the box. This is also how you can charge your headphones.

The weight is a little too much for me, personally, I’d rather trade style for comfort, and the touchpads are hard to work with at times, due to the device being on my head.

One thing I believe is truly amazing is the voice recognition. When wearing the headphones, they will automatically turn on and you can touch the pad for voice recognition. For example, when touching the pad, a voice will prompt and you can say, EMINEM. VINCI will automatically find EMINEM on Spotify or SoundCloud and begin to play the most popular tracks. This is truly innovative, as far as music listening experience goes.

I must also admit, if you plan to work out, run, bicycle, or any other activity, VINCI is not for you. They will not stay on your head while running and will most certainly fall. I almost wish the hearable came with a separate device for controlling your music and that the headphones were smaller, like the new Apple Ear Pods, small, wireless and a cellphone companion for controlling them.

As you can see, there are a few hick-ups, however, the software is fluid, the voice recognition works wonderfully and the VINCI style is on point with a new kind of smart device. If you’re looking for a alternative to BOSE or Sony headphones, I highly recomend to stay within the norm, however, if you are looking to expand your horizons, VINCI is definitely for you!

Watch the video below for a preview of VINCI and the design.

Anthony Esposito

Content Creator