Sengled’s LED Lights Bring A ‘Pulse’ Of Smart To Your Home

Sengled’s LED Lights Bring A ‘Pulse’ Of Smart To Your Home

Lately, we’ve been testing out Sengled’s Pulse LED lights that pack the lumens and an audible surprise… These Sengled bulbs actually have 13 watt JBL speakers inside of them! Sengled was awesome enough to sponsor this post and send us out a Pulse kit, Element bulbs, and even a Twilight bulb, but all opinions remain our own. That being said, the Pulse lights are super fun. So what’s the deal with these bulbs anyway?


Well, first off setup is extremely simple. Since they’re light bulbs, they fit in any E26 socket (your standard lighting fixture) and power up instantly. You’ll notice the light turn on almost instantly, then a small tone will emit from the speaker to let you know it’s ready to pair. From there, you just download and open the Pulse app and follow the few steps to pair up the speakers. It really only took a few minutes to get everything up and running. Super simple.


Essentially, with the Pulse setup you’re getting a small dose of connected home. The bulbs are paired to your smartphone where you can control the brightness collectively or individually, and the volume output of each bulb or through the master control. Connected light bulbs are pretty neat and all, but nothing compares to having little (but surprisingly loud) speakers inside of them. This is where the experience becomes different. Regardless of where you put the Pulse bulbs, the listening experience is different from any other. I prefer to use them for background/ambient music as it creates a sense of the music surrounding you, especially if place in lighting fixtures above you.


The sound here is pretty loud, but it also depends on the placement of the bulb. I like to keep them in certain areas that maximize the output. Along with that, you have the ability to select from EQ presets to get the most out of a specific genre of music. And as long as they’re within Bluetooth range, you could easily have each bulb from the kit in separate rooms to create a multi-room music experience and have the same jams flowing throughout the house.


That being said, you can really crank up the volume and surround yourself in up to 8 of these bulbs connected through the app. Along with that, they also pair up nicely with Amazon Echo devices so you can stream music or media hands-free. But I think the best part about everything here is that there’s no hub involved. Just the lights and your smartphone/tablet is all that’s needed to get up and running.


There’s not much to say about the Pulse set, but they are available in a kit containing two bulbs or can be purchased individually to build out your smart bulb, music playing, app controlled home of your dreams. Sengled makes a ton of cool “bulb tech” though. They have the Element bulbs, which offer LED + Smart Control locally or anywhere at any time. They also provide energy/power consumption reports, and even adjustable temperatures. Then there’s also the Twilight bulb which is also an LED bulb, but offers gradual dimming for 15 seconds when you turn off the lights. You know, so you’re not instantly in the dark.


As I mentioned though, I’ve had nothing but good times with the Sengled Pulse lights. I really like the unique atmosphere they create with music and having smart controls over the lighting with the app is solid. I’d definitely recommend picking up a Sengled Pulse kit for yourself. It’s worth a look!

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